starting off costs quite an effort... or is it rather easy-going? depends on your motivation! i created a whole magazine that comes as a leporello dealing with the issue of starting. there are all these plans we keep making, but in the end, it depends on us, if we're even making it to start putting them into practice. it has always been a current issue. people have been struggling habitual hesitation in ancient days, so do they today.

so i filled the first half of the magazine with interesting quotes and notations to keep the reader motivated. the other half shows the way we really act: we know, that we can still do it tomorrow and we definitely can always justify that.

the first page of the magazine is moveable. you can slide it to the end of the magazine. the transparent page turns into a date, depending on which page it is placed on.

the name of my magazine is 'tomorrow' since that seems to be our favourite term when postponing today's inevitable tasks.